Why donate to the Oral History Association?

The OHA Endowment Fund was established in the 1980's to provide a strong financial foundation for the association. Donations to the Oral History Association support the organization in multiple ways. Donations fund travel grants for international scholars; provide moneys for our various awards; and support the organization's operating costs. We will gratefully acknowledge your gift in our yearly conference program. The OHA is a 501(c)3 organization and all or part of your donation may be tax deductible.

 What can your donations fund? Pie Chart divided into six categories, showing that donations go toward international travel scholarships, presenter and non-presenter travel scholarships, other scholarships, endowment support, strategic planning and operating funds

There are multiple ways you can give:

Membership Renewal:

When you renew your membership, consider making a donation to the Endowment to support the organization's ongoing work.

The Day of Giving:

In late August, the organization holds a one-day fundraising campaign centered around one theme. One year, the Day of Giving funded three scholarships for those affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Rita and Maria. Another year, it funded a diversity scholarship.

Volunteer Service:

The annual conference is a time-intensive project and we welcome all who are willing to give of their time to the event. Those who work five hours are given complimentary registration.

In Memoriam:

Consider making a donation in memory of an active or past member of the Oral History Association. 

Legacy Gifts, Planned Giving and Estate Donations:

Help ensure the future of the Oral History Association through a deferred gift. Planned giving may include a bequest to the organization in your will, making the OHA a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, or other deferred contributions. Contact the Executive Office at [email protected] for more information.

How to donate?

We accept online contributions through Memberclicks (blue button) and PayPal (yellow button), or you can complete the Donation Form and mail in a check.

Thank you for contributing so that OHA can continue its mission as the principal membership organization for people committed to the value of oral history! 

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